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By Cicely Wedgeworth | Dec 4, 2019

Ten years ago, many homeowners were desperately hoping to hang on to their homes. Others were doing everything they could just to scare up potential buyers. Meanwhile, said buyers were struggling to get financing from newly skittish lenders. Ah, memories. What a difference a decade makes!

It has, in fact, been the most consequential stretch in American real estate history, one that has fundamentally altered the landscape. Read more>>

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By Becky Bracken |


Five decades ago, it was a heady time in America. The year was 1969, and the country put a man on the moon.

In addition to that stellar news, homes were being built across the country as Americans looked to spread out into the suburbs.

We took a peek at homes celebrating their golden anniversary and found over 8,000 homes built in 1969 that are currently for sale. Read more>>

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Orlando median price and sales both rise in September; inventory dips (Released October 15, 2019) Orlando’s housing market in September recorded year-over-year increases in both sales (7%) and median price (5%). The inventory of homes available for purchase, however, saw a second consecutive decline after nine months of positive postings. Read more >>
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10 Things Every Home Needs This Fall: Do You Have Them All?

By Liz Alterman | Sep 20, 2019

As autumn arrives, with its cooler weather and early sunsets, chances are you'll be spending more time indoors. With that in mind, why not make your surroundings as warm and inviting as possible?

Whether you're entertaining or cozying up with a good book, fall should be all about the comforts of home. Check out these furnishings and fun decor finds that are sure to make hanging out indoors a lot more tolerable. Read more>>

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Orlando home sales rebound in time for the first day of school

Orlando home sales saw a healthy rebound in July, just in time for families to be settled into their new homes for the start of the school year. The number of transactions improved by 7% compared to July of 2018 and by 6% compared to last month. 

“The jump in sales shows that homebuyers are eager to take advantage of Orlando’s favorable market conditions such as falling interest rates and stable increases in median price,” says Orlando Regional REALTOR® Association President Jeffrey M. Fagan, Watson Realty Corp. “The additional inventory that’s become available over the past months has benefitted sales as well, although those seeking homes in the affordable price ranges are still

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Greet family and friends with a welcoming front porch that's designed for soaking up those long summer days and nights.

Bring the Party Around Front -- Who says the backyard has a monopoly on entertaining? This porch proves that summer gatherings belong in the front, too. With one side dedicated to grilling and a bar cart full of cocktail and drink essentials, the other end combines comfy chairs and a swing for an intimate conversation spot. An explosion of color and texture, this entryway combines shades of navy, coral and rustic brick red, all defined by cream-colored trim. Read more>>

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Published Thursday, June 27, 2019

Folks with an entrepreneurial streak will be pleased to learn that Orlando has been named country's #1 best large city to start a business by WalletHub.

The study compared the relative startup opportunities that exist in 100 U.S. cities using 19 key metrics, ranging from five-year business-survival rate to office-space affordability, across three categories:

Business environment; Access to resources; and Business cost.

Our City Beautiful scored #6 for business environment; #17 for business costs; and #50 for access to resources to earn it the #1 overall rank over second and third place finishers Oklahoma City and Miami, respectively. Read more>>

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Orlando's sales head up as summer homebuying season kicks in!

Encouraged by continued low interest rates and a favorable economy that is drawing droves of new residents to Orlando, area homebuyers pushed sales into positive territory for the month of May. Home sales jumped by nearly 11 percent compared to May 2018, which is the first year-over-year increase in 2019.

The improvement can be attributed to factors such as the slower rate of price increases and mortgage rates that are not only holding steady but even dropping a bit.

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Some places have certain attributes that make it a paradise for some, yet not a great fit for others. Personal preferences aside, where you are in your life impacts where you should live, as each generation has different needs when it comes to local amenities. What’s best for Millennials isn’t always what’s best for Baby Boomers.

We took a look at the unique factors inherent to each generation and found the best cities for each age group to live in the United States. Read more>>

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Orlando's median home price and inventory rise while sales decline in February

The Orlando housing market saw its median price continue a years-long upward trek with an economically healthy 3 percent year-over-year increase in February. Sales again dipped a fraction and inventory increased for the fourth consecutive month, just in time for the start of Orlando's homebuying season. Read more>>

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